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I began updating my inactive Twitter account, now named Eyauuk Art @eyauukart, last August in order to promote my artwork and photography.

Kim Garst and her Boom Social Squad have been helping me build my social network because I decided to get some help rather than trying to figure it all out myself.

As I rebuilt and rebranded my Twitter account one of the things that got everyone’s attention is Tweeting and retweeting artwork and photography images.


Tweeting Artwork

The majority of artwork and photography I tweet/retweet is found on Twitter.

I am still getting my rhythm and bearings on how to best go about doing this.

One thing is for certain is that my followers love it! I tweet artwork because it should be shared and people enjoy seeing it.

From Los Angeles, California

Translating For Followers Around The World

My followers are all around the world and I enjoy hearing from you.

Google Translate is a tool I use most often to respond to user comments in many languages.

Though I can converse in Spanish and German I regularly use Google Translate to speak in French, Italian, Korean, Arabic, Turkish, Dutch, Japanese, Russian and other languages.

Translate may not get it exactly right all the time, but without Google translate I would not be able to communicate with my international followers.

Since translate has an IOS app as well as a desktop app I use the Google Translate on both.

Twitter shows a world  icon on the top right of tweets that will give you a translation, which is handy. If Twitter would also translate my response back into the originating language it would save time.


Times To Tweet

I tweet in the middle of the night to reach followers that are up when I am asleep.

Since I do sleep, I use a scheduler to send my tweets out.

Types Of Retweets

Twitter does not offer a native way to schedule tweets as Facebook now does so I cannot use the Twitter native retweet button.

Capture sve retweet button circled in red

I mark most of my quote retweets as MT, Modified Tweet, since I often must shorten the original tweet.

partial capture of a Tweet with "MT" circled in red


I edit hashtags  “#” when needing to shorten a tweet. I understand the original tweet will be found in more searches if it is marked with many hashtags “#”; however, when I need to shorten the tweet, hashtags are one of the first items to go.

I also remove additional @ mentions because I believe the “friends” mentioned in the original tweet probably get annoyed at receiving the tweet over and over again.

I also honor the originator of the tweet by keeping their username immediately after the “MT” or “RT.” This is also known as attribution, which informs everyone that the tweet is not my own and originates with the user immediately following the “MT’ or “RT.” Below the “RT” is attributed to @tattybcohen.

partial capture of a Tweet with the originator handle ciircled in red

I would like to hear from you on this subject and write some expanded posts on the etiquette of retweeting so leave a comment below or email me.

I have already had some dialogues on the subject of retweets and would like to receive more input.





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