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As I rebuilt and rebranded my Twitter account, now @EyauukArt, I learned many things I had wrong about Twitter. I enjoy blogging and technical subjects. Now I will share what I have learned about Twitter.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

Tweet Ownership and Etiquette

I have had many discussions about who owns our tweets as well as retweet etiquette.

Since I focus on sharing art work there are questions on the copyright of the original work as well as use of work whose copyright has expired.

Each of these areas deserve their own posts.

Look for further VIDEOS and posts on these subjects.

VIDEO Format

I plan the videos to be a short overview, with the blog providing more details.

Of course, none of the information constitutes legal advice, I am not a lawyer.

Use this information as a starting point on deciding what is appropriate for you.

Adobe Voice

I am using Adobe Voice to make the videos.

Voice allows you to get the videos done without having to resort to any long learning curve.

Each slide has its own voice track, so reusing slides and editing slides is much faster.

The drop and drag format allows you to move slides around as well as duplicate slides.

Adobe Voice is free and only works on Ipads



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