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The Obstacles

My website speed was not up to par. I use a to test my site speed and was not getting acceptable results.

I use WP Engine to host my  site and had just finished fixing some issues so I could get this site online.

I continued to test my page speed and was not satisfied.

I submitted a ticket, and it turns out CDN, the content delivery system, was not turned on. Fixed it.

The speed test still showed some issues, even though site speed was good on most of the tests I ran.

See The Obstacle

To overcome an obstacle, you must see it, actually analyze the obstacle with cold hard judgement.

The obstacle was I was not asking for help when I could not get it fixed in a reasonable amount of time.

I kept banging at the issue thinking I would have a revelation and fix the issues.

I was paying experts at WP Engine, they were available 24 x 7, I would not pick up the phone.

I was the obstacle, I would not ask for help that was available.

Once I tried to resolve the issue in a reasonable amount of time I should look for another way.

I called WP last night and resolved the issue.

I even learned how to set the testing engine to run multiple tests at once to account for occasional glitches.

Realizing that I am my own obstacle, I even discussed pricing to make sure I was getting the best bang for my buck.

I worked through how to use WP Engines system to fix errors that Google was experiencing crawling my site.

I spent 30 minutes on the phone, asking all the questions I had wondered about and left satisfied.

By using cold hard judgement to analyze the obstacle I was able to take action to fix it.

Take Action

Before you can take action, you must know what the problem is. The two steps are intertwined.

This is a process, a loop. Once you take action and the problem is not fixed you must go back and look at the obstacle again.

Just doing something is not the final action. You must get results.

You must have the will to keep at it.

The Will To Keep At It

You should be seeing now that these three simply stated steps to overcome action are all intertwined.

Saying the words “See Act Will” is not it. Simple to say, not simple to do.

Often, I end up doing nothing at some point.

Effectively, symbolically you sit down in front of the boulder blocking your way and continue your life without ever overcoming the obstacle.

You did try, you did take action, but you did not exercise your will to keep at it.

What We Learned

I say “We” because I learned by writing all this down that overcoming obstacles is a process .

Sometimes you do not see the obstacle until you take action, then you may begin to realize there is more to the obstacle.

I realized that I must not waste time taking action when it is getting me nowhere. I need to ask for help when it is appropriate.

If your website is slow, users will leave without even reading your content. Go to if you are running a website and test your speed.





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