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11:11 Reason This Is a Twitterverse Signal

The Twitterverse has just signaled me to stop agonizing about producing perfect blog posts and just get going with my general idea.

The idea is to augment my Twitter feed with blog posts showing how interrelated many of the Tweets and Twitter users are or have become.

The 11:11 signal came to me from Kate Bluebird’s Twitter feed @fkatebluebird.

The main signal to me was in her timeline, a picture by @flourescant of the numbers 11:11, which I keep noticing lately when I look at a digital clock.

Mumbo Jumbo comes to mind but:

Science Says No! Gut Says GO!!

Yes, yes I realize all the scientific reasons why this is not really a signal from the universe and all the reasons this is just some sort of internal wishful thinking on my part. Man up! Own it and drop the hocus pocus you might say.

I like the spice the extra razzle dazzle adds to the post.

I choose to start publishing these short blog posts in a rough format awaiting permission from various Twitter users to embed their Tweet in the post and pretty up the posts as I go.

So here we go.

let the posts flow!!

And There Is More

The 11:11 was not the only signal I saw on Kate’s twitter profile.

She likes Art and Illustration.

I found her because she had retweeted one of my posts.

I have been interacting with people on my notifications by clicking on their profile picture and going on from there.

I retweeted a picture she had posted. I often take pictures of what I see while walking around like the lizard I saw before mowing the lawn today. BTW it is looking like rain so I a glad I got that done.

She liked and posted some EDM (Electronic Dance Music, had to look the term up) which I also like.









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