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Give Your Time: It Becomes Precious

I was working Twitter

Destiny texted for icewater

I brought her mine

Now she wants more

Precious Gift

This micro poem came from an interaction between my oldest grandchild, Destiny, and I.

How precious is our time and how precious it becomes when you give your time freely.


In Charge, In Control, At Night

The house is quiet, I am the only one awake.

Not a creature is stirring,-well some cats that I ignore- not even a mouse.

Wrapped in the quilt of the night.

In silence.

No interruptions, maximum focus, the captain of my time.

Now to work!

Working My Twitter Account

I answer questions and @mentions.

Report and block spammers.

Identify, report and get fixes for on going third party application problems.

Schedule some ….

Destiny texts me: “Grandpa can you please get me ice cold water?”

AT NIGHT glass

I take the ice cold water at my desk over to her. Sit on the edge of her bed and watch her drink the less than half full glass of icewater.

“I’ll go downstairs later and get you a full glass, OK?”


Two eyes looking at me from under her cover.

Proudly I walk off having averted a trip downstairs.

Destiny was not satisfied with my effort.

I was.

Now back to work after a job well done.





mauve background, with orange twinkling stars representing giving your precious time

 Back To Twitter Tasks

      dark blue background with twitter logo

ah yes, back at my desk, in the dark house with my computer screen dimly providing some light, enjoying my new clear glasses.

clickity click I type away.

at the far end of the game room, another light in the distance: warming Mikey’s turtle aquarium (a turtle the grandkids found on the sidewalk of the park/playground right at the edge of Randolph Air base’s north runway)


The captain of my time.

Back to my Twitter account.

Enjoying the gift of night.

Vaguely something is moving in the corner of my left eye.

Blocking some of the light from Mikey’s tank.

A shadow, something dark moving from beyond my doorway.

Something that began to speak….

“Grandpa, can you go downstairs with me to get more ice cold water? It is so dark downstairs and I am scared to go alone?” says Destiny

I got up.

Understanding she wanted more.

No rolling eyes.

No in and out breath.

Even with a slight smile,  I started down the stairs.

Destiny waited.

I turned the kitchen light on.

I heard her coming down the stairs.

She came right in the lighted kitchen and filled her own glass with ice and then water. Like a military operation. Light up the target area. Then flow in and get the ice and water.

I too filled my own glass.

Destiny headed upstairs ahead of me.

I turned the light off downstairs.

I knew she was happy.

The whole operation had placed a twinkling star in her heart.




dark red background with yellow stars and a wristwatch

Mystery Of The Second Glass

The next day I asked her why she came to my room for more water.

“Because I wanted my own glass” she answered.


Giving Time When You Are Busy

Somehow, giving of your time does not count much unless you wanted to be doing something else.

The first half glass of water did not count.

The second, now that counted.

I could tell Destiny was happy. I had stopped doing something I wanted to do and did something she wanted.

She was worth grandpa taking his time to do something for her.

Destiny Reviews The Post

I sat down with Destiny so she could see all the comments and ask any questions about this post.

She was mainly just curious about the whole thing.

Siohban, her mother, my daughter posts pictures of her regularly and she does not always know or receive a notice.

She is too young to be on FB, Twitter or other social media, so I text her links when I post about her or email her an embedded tweet.

She also showed me some of the Rainbow bands art she had been making and I was amazed.

Things got too busy last night to photograph some of her new work so I will get to those today and put a few of the photos in this post


On Going Impact of One Glass of Water

I did not think beyond just taking the time to get her a glass of water.

This morning she thanked me for refilling her little water thermos Siohban had provided her. I even got a hug as she proceeded to summer camp this morning at Ft Sam Houston.




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