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I have been making some videos and posting them here. Destiny, my 10 year old granddaughter was watching me.

She borrowed my iPad and made the above without any instructions from me or anyone else!!

She had made her own Valentines Day video

I Am Amazed How Fast She Learns

She came back to my room and edited in some shots with me.  I am shocked at how quickly she learns.

Well I did get to show her where to edit our picture…..notice I said “show her where” not how.

She immediately figured out how to lighten our picture while I just sat there open mouthed.

“Oh, I like tech” she mentioned to me while moving her thumbs on the screen faster than I EVER WILL!!

She Often Shows Me How

Often, while watching me on my iPhone she will say:

“Grandpa, look do it this way…it’s faster.”

Countdown Till…

She told me she cannot wait until she can have her own Twitter and Instagram account.

Notice she did not mention Facebook?

Valentines Video, What Is Next And When?

I am enjoying watching her grow. So fast

She is learning the guitar, including writing her own sheet music.

Both my granddaughters learn so fast.

You should watch them play minecraft in multiplayer mode.

When their friends visit they all play it together.



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