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What a mess: grrrr

  • I had an idea to post the most popular tweets
  • I downloaded Twitter analytics data to find the most popular tweets
  • I decided to start with last week’s best tweet
  • Grrr
  • When checking the analytics data against the actual tweet the numbers did not match
  • I could see the spreadsheet data was corrupted
  • No problem
  • Download it again from Twitter
  • Some sort of problem tonight….downloads keep failing from Twitter analytics
  • great!!!! what do I do now?
  • Grrr I am annoyed, ok got the emotional reaction done!
  • Time to apply what I learned from Marcus Aurelius—The obstacle is the way.

Obstacles Versus A Mess

First look at the obstacle in the cold light of day, even if it is 2 in the morning.

I want to make a blog post of the best Tweets from last week, but the data is corrupt and I cannot get it fixed until Twitter gets over its issue with letting me download data again.

The obstacle is wanting to use last weeks best Tweet.

I have February’s data, and the numbers verify between my timeline and the spreadsheet.

I will blog about February’s best Tweet.

Key is to “see” the obstacle first. Then you can figure out a path to overcome the obstacle.

The Obstacle Is The Way

As I see life as a series of obstacles instead of just a mess getting things done becomes a lot easier.

I become aware that there is a big boulder in front of me instead of a mess.

A big boulder is more clear than imagining a mess.

Now analyze the boulder. I am not thinking of a solution yet, just identifying what the obstacle is.

That makes sense. If you do not know what the problem is, you will never figure out a solution to overcome the problem.

February’s Most Retweeted Tweet

I stuck this in as a bonus: now to work on the actual post.

If you have a Twitter account you should be able to interact with the embedded tweet below, such as favorite it or retweet it.

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